Feeling Festive and In Alignment This Holiday Season

Feeling Festive and In Alignment This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time when many people feel pressure to spend money and be happy. It can a difficult season to navigate. So it isn’t a surprise that many people find the Christmas holiday can become a testing time, for a whole range of reasons. So if you feel out of alignment you are not alone. This blog post will explore how you can use your human design type to find alignment during the holiday season. You may find that using your energy type helps you to connect with the festive spirit in a more authentic way!

So what is Human Design

Human Design is a self-discovery system that uses your birth chart information (Date, Time, and Location) to help you understand your unique energy and how to best use it in your life. It can be used to help you find alignment in all areas of your life, including during the holiday season! To understand more sign up for my Beginners Guide here.

Why Christmas can be a trigging time of year

Usually, at this time of year, we spend time with family and friends. And if you were being honest, some of these are people you don’t want to really spend time with but for various reasons, you do. Social pressure, past conditioning, and a sense of obligation, or guilt are all things that can get in the way of doing what our soul is telling us to do. It can be so simple to slip back into those strong conditioning patterns from our childhood, especially when were are surrounded by family and old environments. Understanding how to use your Human Design type can help you understand why this might be happening.

Your Human Design Type and festive alignment

When we align ourselves with our true nature, this is when life really starts to flow. We have access to our intuition and inner guidance which helps us make decisions that are in alignment with our soul’s needs. Or in more simple terms, make decisions that just feel right. When it comes to the holiday season, understanding how to work with your type can help you be in alignment with yourself and the environment you are in.

Remember, the people who were authority figures over us early on in our lives, often feel like having the power to question our actions, even if now you are a grown adult. These authority figures (either at a conscious or unconscious level) gain comfort from people being just like them. At this time of year when traditions and routines are so strong, it can be easy to slip back into that old conditioning and learned behaviour (which can be a trigger in itself). Even when you know within yourself, it is not what you really want. But doing so is an old way (and familiar way) of how you can to protect yourself.

So here are a few general tips for all Human Design Types:

  1. Respect yourself first – set boundaries and make sure you stick to them whatever the situation.
  2. Take time out for yourself. Whether it is taking a walk, reading, meditating or just having some me-time.
  3. Focus on what you can control – your reactions and emotions. Taking responsibility for how you show up in the world.
  4. Connect with your inner wisdom and use it to help navigate the festive season.

Each Human Design Type has its own way of responding to stress and different strategies for interacting with others during social occasions such as Christmas.

Human design principles, we are unique

When starting to understand Human design, you get insight into each type’s strengths and weaknesses. Or as I like to call them light and shadow. It broadens your understanding that we are all unique. That differences are to be celebrated, as everyone has something different to offer the world, which is for the benefit of us all.

Human Design gives you the possibility of transforming tolerance (as can be the case when families gather together for the holidays) into a true appreciation of yourself and others for your vast differences and uniqueness. Knowing the mechanics of yourself and others brings the gift of awareness and the opportunity to reduce the resistance you experience in your life.

When we look at our Human Design Chart, we all have a particular Strategy and Authority. Strategy is how you manifest your dreams into reality more effortlessly. Authority is what your specific intuition looks and feels like. However, the first key to finding alignment is knowing and connecting to your “not-self” theme. Basically, in Human Design your not-self theme is the key feeling you have when things don’t feel right. When you are not in alignment with your true soul.

How to feel in Alignment with Human Design

Manifestor Basics

visionary – world builder – initiator

  • Strategy (the best to approach and navigating life) : To inform
  • Not-Self (out of alignment feeling) : Anger
  • Signature (in alignment feeling) : Peace

So Manifestors when things aren’t right then you are likely to feel anger, and that may be from yourself or from others to you. Manifestor, simply put, you are the original creator, which means your big energy affects those around you. Your strategy to inform others. This is different from asking permission, it’s just letting others know. So by informing those around you of your intentions sets expectations, helps others to feel included, and prevents any uneasy feelings for both sides. Seek help when you need it, even if anger is your first reaction to unsolicited assistance. The person means well.

Generator Basics

builder – master – response – magnet

  • Strategy (the best to approach and navigating life) : To respond
  • Not-Self (out of alignment feeling) : Frustration
  • Signature (in alignment feeling) : Satisfaction

Frustration is a sign when Generators are no longer using their energy efficiently. It can feel like a stop in the flow of things. Feel like a block. This feeling usually come when you are pushing or hustling to make things happen. As a result, you may want to quit a task or project when frustrated by your lack of progress. This can mean others see you as someone who changes their mind frequently or does stick at things. As a generator tune into your gut instinct and understand is this “thing” is something you really want to do. If it’s 70% yes then continue. The phrase I use is “hold your horses”, then act when the response is positive. It’s important to remember that a little frustration is part of your learning process.

Manifesting Generator Basics

empower – responder – magnet

  • Strategy (the best to approach and navigating life) :  To respond, then inform
  • Not-Self (out of alignment feeling) : Frustration
  • Signature (in alignment feeling) : Satisfaction

As a Manifesting Generator, you have many similar traits to the ones described above for a Generator. But you also have some elements of Manifestor so feeling out of alignment may also feel like a combination of frustration and anger, impatience! Similar to a Manifestor it’s important to inform others, this is not asking for their permission, simply sharing your plans. The key difference for a MG is to do this BEFORE taking any action. This way you can avoid any negativing feelings on both sides.

Projector Basics

seer – guide – connector

  • Strategy (the best to approach and navigating life) :  To wait for the invitation
  • Not-Self (out of alignment feeling) : Bitterness
  • Signature (in alignment feeling) : Success

You see the world in a unique way that many others simply don’t understand. This can mean your well-intentioned advice can meet with resistance which can make you feel resentful, and even bitter. Projectors you have deep magic within you, don’t go telling everyone you have wings, let them see you FLY. When others are ready to listen and understand they will approach you. Your Strategy is to wait to be invited. So try asking BEFORE speaking, and see how that approach works for you. If they are interested, your insight and wisdom will be greatly appreciated. The key is to cultivate patience and remember don’t take things personally.

Reflector Basics

mirror – shaper shift – overseer

  • Strategy (the best to approach and navigating life) :  To wait for a lunar cycle
  • Not-Self (out of alignment feeling) : Disappointment
  • Signature (in alignment feeling) : Surprise

Reflectors you are like the ocean. Your surface is reflective. To you, it’s upsetting and disappointing to see someone with so much potential not living up to their full potential. As a reflector, all of your nine energy centers are open. So at this time of year, you need to be more aware of the energy you’ve collected from the people close to you and through social gatherings. Take time to release and rebalance your energy. Ensure you create pockets of time to spend quality alone time. And if you are presented with a big idea or decision, you don’t have to respond straight away. Take the time ( a lunar cycle of 28 days) to reflect, journal, and discuss your thoughts, BEFORE making a final decision.

In Summary

I hope this blog post has been helpful in giving you an insight into how you can use your Human Design Type to feel more aligned over the holiday period. Remember tuning into your gut instinct and connecting to your Strategy is important. Manifestors involve others by informing them. Generators, wait to have something to respond to then inform others. Manifesting Generators inform before taking action. Projectors wait for an invitation or to be asked, and Reflectors take time over decisions (a lunar cycle of 28 days). By consciously applying your Human Design Type you can create a festive season that is aligned and satisfying. So take time to reflect, connect and enjoy the present moment.

Happy Holidays!


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