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It’s great to meet you.

I’m all about living a life filled with ease and grace.


I’m a former corporate analytical consultant turned Digital Business Coach and Human Design practitioner. My brain and soul are a blend. On one side the practical and logic, and on the other, magic and woo.

For so long I struggled with finding the balance and understanding both sides to me. Struggled to find a way to live life with more ease and flow.

Human Design immediately gave me a deep gut YES! I was instantly captivated and had to learn as much as she could about this system. Human design gave me, and continues to give me, the much-needed clarity and permission I sought to understand who I am meant to be. It has really allowed her to marry my logical side with my spiritual side. Something I believe is so important to living a fulfilling life.

Understanding my Human Design Energy Type has allowed me to embrace my multi passions. I love to be creative and add to my entrepreneurial knowledge with each new passion. From Children’s Author, Reiki Master, Life Coach, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Digital Business Coach, Human Design Practitioner and so much more. As a Manifesting Generator, I am here to create and amplify my energy in the world when I’m busy doing what I love. My superpower is the ability to skip unnecessary steps, move quickly, and show others a new way of doing things.


soul listening

So often we listen to the “gurus” around us, mainly because we lack our own inner confidence. Looking for the magic outside of ourselves, rather than looking at the magic within. I know, I have been there. But now, it’s your time to discover the light and the shadow which make you, you. Without months or even years of frustration and blocks. Because in reality you already know yourself better than you think. When you read your Soul Blueprint you will be gently nodding along. Thinking this is uncanny. Thinking, that is me. It can be your jumping point into a new story and a new aligned future.

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