Understanding Your Innate Strengths and Weaknesses

Understanding yourself is a key part of growth and success, be that in a professional or personal sense. Whether you’re striving to become the best version of yourself or trying to achieve your goals, understanding your innate strengths and weaknesses can help you get there. Human design can be a great tool for learning about yourself and unlocking your potential.

Introduction to Human Design

Human Design is an ancient system of self-discovery that was developed by Ra Uru Hu. It combines astrology, the chakra system, and the I Ching to provide a comprehensive look at each person’s unique energy type. Human design works by helping us understand our individual gifts, talents, limitations, and patterns of behavior. It sees us as energetic beings with specific tendencies that interact differently with various situations in life. By looking at our personal energy makeup, we gain insight into how we could approach things based on our natural design. It gives us insights about ourselves and how we relate to others, what kind of environment is best for us to thrive in, and which strategies will be most effective when trying to reach our goals. By understanding ourselves more deeply through Human Design, we can unlock our potential and create a life that works for us. To understand more about Human Design read this blog post What is human design and why should I care?

How Does Human Design Help Us Understand Ourselves?

By using Human Design we can understand our energy type and the responding human design strategy. One key way we can utilise the bodygraph within Human Design is by seeing the open and closed energy centers. We can also see which gates are defined or undefined and if any channels are active. While it may be complex when you initially look at your bodygraph, it gives us a great starting map to understand why we feel or behave in a particular way. Often when a client has an initial reading, they state it is as if someone has read their mind. Things start to “click into place”. Someone gets them. It helps the person to see what their natural/innate tendencies are. With Human Design nothing is good or bad, per se, it’s just a way of being.

Identifying Our Strengths and Weaknesses

Each element can be a light or shadow (as I often refer to it). You can use whatever language suits you. Strengths and Weaknesses are also common phrases. As we learn more about ourselves through human design, we begin to understand what our natural tendencies or default settings are. This increased awareness allows you to identify when you are “in the flow” with your energy, or working against it. While it also highlights which ones that might need extra attention or development, so that achieving our goals becomes easier and faster. Our human design chart gives insights into areas such as communication, decision-making, and task completion. Additionally, by understanding your weaknesses you learn how to manage those so that they don’t hold you back.

Developing Strategies Based on Your Human Design Profile

Human Design Strategy is a tool that provides us with awareness and life in alignment, decreasing resistance, and helping us each to welcome the life we are uniquely here to live. We can learn about how best to use our energy type and create action plans for achieving our goals. This could include methods for managing stress, being authentic in relationships, as well as strategies for career development or working on personal passions.

Each energy type has a strategy that works best with its human design type.

  • A Manifestor strategy is to Inform – Inform those in your ‘impact field’ before you take action; wait only for your own sense of timing.
  • A Generators strategy is waiting to respond – Wait to respond with your Sacral sounds (uh-huh is yes, uhn-uhn is no) before making decisions/taking action.
  • A Manifesting Generator strategy is waiting to respond and inform – Wait to respond with your Sacral sounds (uh-huh is yes, uhn-uhn is no), then inform those in your ‘impact field’ before making decisions/taking action.
  • A Projector Strategy is waiting for the invitation – Wait to be invited into major choices in life (jobs/career, marriage, moving, etc.); wait to be recognized or asked before sharing your wisdom, advice or opinion.
  • A Reflector strategy is to wait 28 days or a lunar cycle – Wait 28 days before making important decisions, then take all action needed.

Setting Boundaries & Respectful Communication

Having a clear understanding of what gives us clarity and makes us feel in alignment, enables setting appropriate boundaries for ourselves and others, as well as a sense of self-respect and confidence to handle whatever comes our way with grace. Human design helps us cultivate these traits so that we can live an empowered life full of joy and purpose. Working with clients over the years, setting boundaries is often one of the hardest parts of being a soul-led business owner. We love to over-give, and over-deliver. However, that can lead to burnout and frustration. Clear boundaries and an understanding of how to reframe some of the communication styles, can lower resistance to achieving your goals.

Creating Action Plans to Reach New Heights

Having an awareness of our innate strengths and weaknesses can help us create effective action plans to support the achievement of our goals. With our human design chart in hand, we can establish specific strategies for tackling tasks, building relationships, and taking risks. By acknowledging where we need extra attention or development to reach our potential (and aligning it with our human design type), each of us can take steps to make the most of our true nature and create a plan for our future success.

Cultivating Self-Motivation & Focus

Understanding your human design is an essential tool for personal growth and self-awareness. We can also use this understanding as a powerful motivator. We can learn how to channel our creative energy into productive activities or use our challenges as drivers for personal development. Human design also helps us focus on what is important in life and prioritize tasks based on our individual needs. With this knowledge, we can create our own unique plan to enhance our productivity and reach our highest potential. I also believe that having your Human Design map allows everyone to have a map or guide to refer back to if things go off course.

In Summary

Human Design Strategy is a powerful tool that can help us understand our innate strengths and weaknesses, set boundaries, create action plans for success and cultivate focus and motivation. With this understanding, we are better equipped to make choices throughout life and live an empowered life full of joy and purpose. Human design allows us to embrace all aspects of ourselves – the light and the shadow – and use that to our advantage. By understanding our human design type, we can make conscious decisions, develop meaningful relationships and reach our highest potential. This is an invaluable resource for personal growth, success, and self-awareness.

Need Support

Human Design is a fascinating system that can help you understand yourself and your place in the world on a much deeper level. By understanding the different energies at work in your chart, you can get a better sense of what you’re meant to do and experience in this lifetime. This knowledge can be incredibly helpful on your spiritual path or when working towards personal or professional development goals. Ready to learn more about yourself? Check out my Human Design Chart Analysis here.


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